We Belong to Aleppo

Francis Vithayathil
Language: English

Children, have you ever heard of Aleppo?
Will you ever hear of Aleppo?
Her name is still known
But who is Aleppo?

Dreamers, have you ever dreamt of Aleppo?
Will you ever dream of Aleppo?
Her place is still known
But where is Aleppo?

There ain’t a breath
There ain’t warmth
Though the sun is risin up

Nothin to plant
Nothin to grow
Though the rain is fallin down

Oh, dear friend
Oh, dear friends
We belong to nowhere

A river in flood
Of human blood
They no care
They are at war

Little child,
Turn your eyes,
The show before
It ain’t worth

Oh, dear friend,
Oh, dear friends,
We belong to an hell
We belong to nowhere.

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