Rumours of War

Al Stewart
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Russians & Americans
Al Stewart / Peter White
Rumours Of War
We met on the beach amid rumours of war
Your head in your hand, what you saw you won't say
As the newspapers flew in the wind.

I can see you're one of that kind
Who carry ‘round a time bomb in their mind, no one knows
When you'll slip the pin.

Rumours of war, rumours of war.

I see that your dress is torn at the edge
You were lost, intense, like a man on a ledge, waiting to jump
As the waves break over the shore.

You say there's a storm that can't be delayed
And lately it seems to be comin' this way, you can hear it break
Like the slam of a door.

Rumours of war, rumours of war.

You tell me, just look all around
At the past and the present, the cross and the crescent
The signs and the planets are lining up like before.

There are souls on fire in the day and the night
On the left and the right, in the black and the white
You can see it burn in the eyes of the rich and the poor.

Rumours of war, rumours of war.

Rumours of war, rumours of war.

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