Who Built The Bomb? (That Blew Oklahoma City Down)

Rod MacDonald
Language: English

Who built the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the Washington lobbyist, checking the names off on his list.
"We give money to candidates who vote exactly like we tell them to:
to preserve all our basic rights to own a rifle with a scope sight
or an assault weapon to clear a street or a militia if we want to beat
down on anyone in our way until the revolution comes one day.
Okay, so one got out of line, you can't say the blame is mine."

Who bought the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the leader of Congress, busily beating on his chest,
celebrating the victory of his political party.
He rode his white horse to Washington, set up his targets and mowed 'em down.
"The biggest need today," he said, "is eliminating the goverment.
Boom the environment, boom health care, it's a revolution, boom welfare.
As for some guy with a bomb on a bus, he's totally unimportant to us."

So who placed the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the action movie star as he derailed 15 railroad cars,
rode his 'copter through the hotel and blew the bad guys straight to hell.
"I'm killin' villians all over the world, so be like me and you'll get the girl.
We don't pay extras on this film, so there's no bystanders to get killed.
As for the law it's just a drag, at the end of the movie I get back my badge.
With a quip and smile in every frame, you can't say I'm to blame."

So who set the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the right wing radio host, "but then I can proudly boast
good people everywhere agree with me, there's a liberal conspiracy
that must be stopped immediately if we're gonna keep our country free
and sure I said the President and his wife are deviants
whose government has no authority and must be destroyed, but actually
I didn't mean it literally, I was just trying to get myself on TV."

So who lit the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the preacher, book in hand, with his personal knowledge of God's great plan.
"God will punish those who do wrong and sometimes we need to help Him along.
It just shows how our morality has sunk to new lows with sex and free
speech and rock music and this generation, though in this case it was a right-wing Christian
gun nut, racist white man. I still say we need to make a stand
for God and Christ and this here station, so won't you please send a donation?"

So who denied the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?
"Not I," said the people, eyes glued to the screen as they pulled the bodies out from the scene.
"Those Arabs shouldn have done what they done; what do you mean it was an American?
There's nothing I hate more than violence; I still say it would've made more sense
for them to go on Oprah for 'Guys who can't stop making war'
or to let our boys win in Vietnam or drop the big one on Iran;
but killin' Americans, it ain't the same. No, you can't say we're to blame."

So who built the bomb that blew Oklahoma City down?

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