Livin’ in the City

John Butler Trio
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di John Butler, importante cantautore australiano, classe 1975
Nell’album intitolato “Flesh & Blood”, pubblicato nel 2014

 Flesh & Blood
Bells are ringing on your alarm clock
It’s six in the morning man the race don’t stop
It’s shit, shower, shave, just make it to the station.
Waiting for the train… goddamn train late again.
Hit the streets and they are seething,
Ducking, weaving, begging, stealing
Got you kneeling and your feeling
That you wanted more.

That’s how it goes living in the city
Everybody getting down to the nitty griddy
They don’t look back, they don’t take no pity.
Hey ya know i never said it would be pretty.

Well i get to the office and delete my spam,
Delete me, delete my plans.
Working everyday for the goddamn man.
Sometimes i wonder just who i am.
Well i’m gonna go postal,
Gonna have a death toll,
Be the head hunter
Then i’m gonna move coastal
Everything’s gonna be just fine.
Working everyday on my “gold mine”.

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