How Many More Willie McBrides?

Liza Mulholland
Lingua: Inglese

Fathers, fathers, call back your sons
Stay in the field 'til the day's work is done
Shoulder to shoulder under the sun
Your child was not born to carry a gun

Loyalty, duty, call what you will
His master's voice we answer it still
Wearing uniform, doing drill,
But there ain't no pride or joy in a kill

How many more Willie McBrides
Must line up on each side
Before we....turn the tide?
How many more Willie McBrides
A thin red line, so very wide
Before we....turn the tide?

Religion, country, king or creed
'Neath them all there's power n' greed
But those who wage wars will always need
Others to do the dirty deed

Cut down like a young green tree
A mother's grief will endless be
Did he die defending democracy?
'Our thoughts are with his family'


Those with nothing answer the call
Hands in the air, backs to the wall
The war to end wars didn't end it at all
Still no great mischief if they fall


Repeat Chorus

Instrumental verse of Eric Bogle's Green Fields of France

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