Sometimes I Get So Lonely

James Donaldson
Language: English

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"Another song by James Donaldson."
(Per la serie: sulle canzoni del povero James Donaldson c'è molto da dire...)
Sometimes I get so lonely I feel as if I’m dyin’
I don’t know if I’ve even got a hope
of catching on to somethin’ that will bring a bout of fever
then I’m sure I wouldn’t need this dope
I’ve thought about a change of town but everywhere around me
there’s a picture of a darlin’ and her beau
for I was once a winner and living life was better for us then
now I know

They told us we were winners, but I can’t forget Fallujah
I’m losing out on something I suppose
but I’ve got to find a job some time, if only to forget
and keep my mind away from that war zone
I wonder if she has a picture of a handsome soldier
with a lovin arm around a wife to show
I’m sitting in this waiting room. I’ll answer all the questions if I can,
then I go……

Mm mm Mm mm Mmm

Sometimes I get so lonely I fall apart crying
and I wonder if I’ll make from the floor
sometimes I get so lonely I know this fix is lying
but it’s the only thing I’ve got to keep me goin’’
the only thing I got to keep me goin’

and the doctor says….

“ Sometimes he might get hopeful , when he’s up there in the mountains
where the beauty and the silence stirs within

A startled deer now running as it sees in him, a danger,… then stops and stares
and somehow knows, a friend

Then for a few short moments he is whole and re-united, with the young men in his regiment
But the war has left him with a broken memory, that cannot piece together
all the fragments of a proud upstanding man.

So he goes, Mmm mmm mmm M----------“

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/11 - 20:29

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