March No More

Useless Annie
Lingua: Inglese

Farewell Susannah, we're off to Waterloo
Sons of Albion must bid you adieu.
Try not to cry when we leave old England''s shore
But Boney's armies must march no more
While I'm away across the sea
Wear this talisman in memory of me
Loud beat the drums, the cannons roar
But Boney's armies will march no more.

Over the hills and o'er the plain
Keep me in your heart 'til we meet again
Call the retreat, an end to war
For Albion's armies must march no more.

Farewell Marlene, we're called to Maginot
Don't you weep for me for I have to go.
Many a young life will fade before it's o'er
But Adolf's armies must march no more
All through the smoke the shrapnel flies
How I long to dry the tears in your eyes
Out of the night the bombs they pour
But Adolf's armies will march no more.


Farewell Rebecca, we're heading for Iraq.
Who can tell us love when we will be back?
Fearing the snipers upon this foreign shore
But Saddam's armies must march no more
Out of the dust and desert air
I will return my love so don't you despair
Over the sands the missiles soar
But Saddam's armies will march no more.


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