Hold On Tight

Simone Sahyouni
Language: English

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(Simone Sahyouni)

Da/From Songs For Change

"Simone Sahyouni wrote this third song 'for all who are on the verge of giving up: dreams, hopes, life.' "
Somewhere out there tonight,
Is a heart that’s full of regret;
Maybe things didn’t turn out quite right
And failure’s hard to forget.

Time is gonna heal your pain
If only you could see beyond today.
There’s a hundred out there just the same
Who want to close their eyes and fade away.

You gotta hold on right now!
You can’t give up, oh don’t dare.
You gotta have faith and hope inside
Your strength will get you there.

Somewhere out there right now
Is a nation torn apart.
Somewhere out there somehow,
Is a war that is ready to start.

White is black and black is white
Cause things ain’t always what they seem.
What you think has gone wrong can often be right
And your troubles no longer seem extreme.

You gotta hold on tight,
Reach for each other in our despair
Cause we are here side by side,
Just need to reach out and show you care.

Somewhere out there is someone
Whose heart has turned to stone.
Whose innocence is lost
And hardship’s all he’s ever known.

Don’t let go,
Be brave.
Life’s ordeals can help you grow,
And give you back the life you crave

You gotta hold on tight,
Gotta try and see beyond today
Cause we are here side by side
We’ll carry one another along the way.

The years are gonna swiftly role on by,
With memories all bittersweet.
Can’t let them get you down
You gotta get right back up on your feet.

There’s gonna be times when you need to cry,
To free your soul of unshed tears.
But you can’t give up before you try
You can’t run away from all your fears.

You gotta hold on right now,
Can’t give up - oh don’t dare.
You gotta have faith and hope inside
Your strength will get you there.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/11 - 17:16

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