Agent Orange

Lingua: Inglese

Album: Heroes of Today
ChaosKanal, der deutsche und internationale Punkportal

Tarnfarbe, 1982.
Tarnfarbe, 1982.
Warplanes in the sky
And you wonder why
Because when the bomb hits the ground
The napalm will burn all around

You're victim of American aggression
You're victim of chemical warfare
You're victim of technological oppression
You're victim of push-button warfare

For total war civilian stands
In the centre of the battlegound
And this insideous chemical warfare
Will ultimately affect his welfare

And children with flesh burnt to the bones
Ruining your TV-dinners in your homes
And with your taxes you pay for carnage
And to your armed forces paid homage

Agent Orange pollutes the waters
And deformes your sons and daughters
But you hide it from your eyes
And cover it it with government lies
And sleep happy in your beds
And never think about the dead.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 22/2/2007 - 17:46

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