Venceremos - We will win

Working Week
Lingue: Inglese, Spagnolo

A comment is passed,
like dust and glass,
full of fear,
held in this heaven and hell.
Each time it's spoken,
there's a fragment broken,
now the rain is falling,
a train is passing,
a gun is firing,
splitting out here in the night in which we live.
We'll find a way,
to build a day,
sooner than tomorrow.

Un mundo che se abre
esta por hacerse
de Santiago a Rio
se espera el momento
se encontraran
se nombraran
con retratos en alto
esas vidas negadas
como la nueva pasión
de un amor que despierta
deseo que brilla
como el orgullo de crear
una nación que respira
de ciudades a campos
de hogar en hogar
la vida en suspenso
un respiro fragrante
de calor y amistad
durmiendo como amantes
compañeros encubiertos
lograremos un gran final
no nos moverán
sabiendo que vamos a vencer
y venceremos...
y venceremos...

And so it goes,
as our love flows,
a strenght is found,
in a history bold and proud.
Safe in rooms,
in which we find survival,
hope will tread a greater end.
So we'll move my friend
into safer light,
knowing that
here we will win - here we will win - here we will win.

A new world in the making,
it's there for the taking,
Santiago to Rio,
the moment is waiting.
The lost will be found,
and named out aloud,
photos carried high,
the lives they're denied.
A nation is breathing,
in cities and farmland,
in bedrooms and boardrooms,
life held in suspension,
a breath that is scented,
with warmth and friendship,
and we sleep here as lovers,
companeros in cover,
we'll tread a greater end
and we'll move my friend,
into safer light,
knowing that we will win.

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