Letter From Vietnam

Ruth Jacobs
Lingua: Inglese

I had a dream, Mom, I had it last night
Dreamed I was home again and it felt so right
We were all together the way it used to be
You, Mom, and Dad, the kids and me

Then I woke up and all of you were gone
Heard my captain shout, Up and at 'em, Ron
We moved out, we were hunting that night
The mean old enemy 'cause that's how grown men fight.

We got 'em, Mom, and we got at least eight
Civilians were in the way but we didn't dare wait
A woman was coming, she was shooting her way
I quickly shot her dead on that awful day.

But my rifle's automatic and it wouldn't stop
And more bullets came, even after she dropped
And behind her dead body on the floor of a cave
My bullets took away, Mom, what the Lord himself gave.

It was a baby, Mom, just two months old
They say to forget it -- That is what I'm told
But it keeps coming back and I don't know
what to do
Don't know who to ask, so I'm turning to you.

Why must I kill, Mom, and why women and kids
Who knows who is right, it can't be what I did
I wish to God I was home again and out of this hell
Will it be me, Mom, when next they toll the bell.

But why must I kill, Mom, and why a little baby
They think that they are right, who knows maybe
We think it's us that knows just how things should be
I only know that caught between, is a mother, a babe and me.

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