In the Light

Mike 3rd
Language: English

Down in the light clear light of a bright shining sun
I saw the strength in your eyes and felt the power in your heart
The way you talk the way you walk brings your light down on me
We all have been made here to love to get lost in someone’s eyes

I adore your light when you spread your wings and fly
over the hills so far away where the big eye just can’t see
It’s the power of freedom the power of being awake to see to realize
We’re living in a mad world where depravity is the ordinary way

But we live, we breathe, we love
Let’s be friends forever
But we live, we hope, we talk
Let’s be free forever
But we grow, we use our mind
Let’s go against brain control

You and I together laying on mother earth to get the vibes
So go and have respect swim in the river clear water gives you life
Just a few of us love dead rivers death from the underground
In the name of God wars it’s all driven by money, bloody profit

So go and buy gas be scared of viruses mind the war next door
Be aware! Everyone can get sick, should we live in a world of fear!
What a desperate view to see mad brains rule mother earth
Trying to control our minds with a bunch of crazy bullshit

But we live, we act, we are alive
Let’s just respect ourselves
But we live, we hope, we talk
Let’s make the world a better place
But we grow, we use our mind
Against fear and all of them

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