I Sat on a Bus

Dominique Moore
Lingua: Inglese

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Rosa Parks 'I Sat On A Bus' - song from Horrible Histories series 5
Music: Richie Webb, commediografo e compositore inglese, autore di questa come delle altre ‎canzoni del programma televisivo per bambini intitolato “Horrible Histories”, in onda tra il 2009 ed ‎il 2013 sul canale Children’s BBC (CBBC).‎
Lyrics: Dave Cohen
Performed by Dominique Moore with Gospel Singers Incognito

Nella serie “Horrible Histories” Dominique Moore ha interpretato diverse figure di donne nere ‎famose per il loro impegno politico e sociale, tra le quali Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks e la giamaicana Mary Seacole (1805-1881).‎

Rosa Parks esattamente 60 anni fa, il 1 dicembre 1955, si sedeva sull'autobus. Oggi la ricordiamo anche così.

Rosa Parks
I'm Rosa Parks, my story marks
The first step towards Civil Right
Racial inequality, American policy
Till I kicked off a fight
What act of mine
Led havoc to ensue?
How come I caused such fuss?
What shocking behavior did I do?
I sat on a bus
You sat on a bus?
I sat on a bus
You sat on a bus?
You want to know why?
Go ahead, tell us
I sat on that bus
You sat on the bus

In the '50s all buses divided
Whites in front, blacks behind
You serious?
If the bus filled up we had to give up
Our seats or we'd be fined
That's Ludi-crous
I made a stand in my hometown
Montgomery, Alabama
That's danger-ous
Refused to stand for a white man
So they put me in the slammer
December 5, 1955
My trial notorious
Black people stood side-by-side
And no one
Got on the bus
We stayed off the bus
They stayed off the bus
We stayed off the bus

I meant busin-ess
She inspired us
So they stayed off the bus
We stayed off the bus

We organised a boycott of public transportation
To win R-E-S-P-E-C-T and force new legislation
Dreamed of the day the USA
Had no implementation
Of S-E-G-R-E-G-A-T-I-O-N
Spells segregation
From that day on we walked or cabbed
Led by Martin Luther King
Attacked by mobs our houses bombed
Though peace was our thing
Our plight it made the national news
Which was mighty strange
When word reached the President
He had to make a change
One year on we'd finally won
A victory momen-tous
The fight for national Civil Rights was begun
Cos I sat on a bus
She sat on a bus
I sat on a bus
She sat on a bus
I sat on a bus
For all of us
I sat on a bus
She sat on a bus
I sat, I sat
Our story owes a
Huge debt to Rosa
I sat, I sat, I sat on that bus
We all agree
She made history
On the bus
She sat on the bus
For all of us
I sat on that bus
She sat on the bus
She sat on the bus

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