The House at Pooneil Corners

Jefferson Airplane
Lingua: Inglese

You and me we keep walkin’ around and we see
All the bullshit around us
You try and keep your mind on what’s going down
Can’t help but see the rhinoceros around us

And you wonder what you can do
And you do what you can
To get bald and high
And you know I’m still goin’ need you around

You say it’s healing but nobody’s feeling it
Somebody’s dealing – somebody’s stealing it
You say you don’t see and you don’t
You say you won’t know and you won’t let it come

Everything someday will be gone except silence
Earth will be quiet again
Seas from clouds will wash off the ashes of violence
Left as the memory of men
There will be no survivor my friend

Suddenly everyone will look surprised
Stars spinning wheels in the skies
Sun is scrambled in their eyes
While the moon circles like a vulture

Someone stood at a window and cried
One tear I thought that should stop a war
But someone is killing me
and that’s the last time to think anymore
Jelly and juice and bubbles – bubbles on the floor

Castles on cliffs vanish
Cliffs like heaps of rubbish
Seen from the stars hour by hour
As splintered scraps and black powder

From here to heaven is a scar
Dead center – deep as death
All the idiots have left
The cows are almost cooing
Turtle doves are mooing
Which is why a Pooh is poohing
In the sun

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