Warrick Sony
Language: English

Mutilate that poster face
if voting could change anything it would be banned
We spray paint slogans on the walls
of railway buildings in Joubert Park (1)
Is it raining?
These walls have eyes and ears
Gentlemen in gun black suits
move in on us from the quiet corners of the city
in 1999 will we still be around?

A cold wind blows through barbed wire
surrounding the old showgrounds in
Baragwanath road – (2)
no funfair this –
the army guards all entrances
we work on minedump slimes
building them up high to form a
great divide between the city of
gold and the city of sweat.
in 1999 will we still be around?
1) Joubert Park è il nome di un sobborgo di Johannesburg.

2) Baragwanath road: la strada di Soweto, Johannesburg, dove sorge il Baragwanath Hospital, oggi intitolato a Chris Hani, dirigente di "Umkhonto we Sizwe", l'organizzazione armata dell'ANC sudafricano, assassinato nel 1993 su mandato di un parlamentare segregazionista, Clive John Derby Lewis.
Baragwanath è nome cornico, di famiglia antcamente immigrata dalla Cornovaglia.

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