Don't Dance

Warrick Sony
Lingua: Inglese

ok people get up off your feet
its time to move to a different beat
we don't like the way they're running
our days
and nights
our lives are out of phase
we're black white separated
right from birth indoctrinated
years and years developed apart
brainwashed each in the name of god
lets re-educate ourselves
lets de-educate ourselves
hey white boy get your feet off the floor
god gave you legs to march to war
your leaders want you in a sporting affair
so put on your boots and cut your hair
don't talk back
or stop to think
when you're in Angola you can have a drink
obey obey
they know the way
from here you go to SWA (1)
where they don't dance
when facing such hostility
Don't dance
the SAP (2)
are there to see that we all enjoy democracy
don't dance
when facing such hostility
Don't dance

1) SWA: South-West Africa (Africa del Sud-Ovest), il nome dell’attuale Namibia quando era colonia tedesca (1884-1918) e poi sotto “amministrazione” sudafricana (1919-1990). Dal 1966 la guerra per l’indipendenza condotta dalla South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) contro l’occupante sudafricano.

2) SAP: Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie (South African Police), sigla delle forze di polizia sudafricane dal 1913 al 1994 (e in Namibia dal 1939 al 1981)

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