Lungile Tabalaza

Roger Lucey
Lingua: Inglese

Some men take the hard line and some take none at all
And some just want their freedom and they wind up behind a prison wall
There are cops on every corner and they know what they don't like
And if you're it then you know that the street's no place for you at night

Lungile Tabalaza he was a young man only twenty
Lived in New Brighton township just outside of Port Elizabeth
In a small house with his family, he lived through violations
Went to school in Kwazakhele with the Bantu Education (and they call it education, oh yeah)

Well, the cops came Monday morning and they took him on suspicion
Of robbery and arson, the law makes no provision
So they handed him to Plain Clothes, the Special Branch elite
And it doesn't really matter how strong you are
They've got ways to make you speak

They gonna make you speak if they wanna hear you speaking
They gonna get it out of you, they gonna hear your voice

Well, whatever happened in that office
God and the cops will only know
'Course the law has ways of keeping quiet
So that nothing at all would show

But about three o'clock that same afternoon
Lungile fell five floors
Lay dead below on the street outside
They quickly rushed his body behind closed doors
They rushed the body behind — behind the doors

Well, some say it was murder and some say suicide
But this is not the first time that men have gone in there and died
From New York and from London came angry cries and protests
And at his home the mourners come to ask for his eternal rest
And they sing and they cry and they ask and they ask and they ask
And they ask for his rest

Now some men take the hard line and for that they get the rope
And some men fall from windows and others slip on bars of soap
Whether the innocent are guilty, Lungile died just the same
And in the halls of justice the overseers just carry on with the game
They carry on with the game.

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