Baghdad Blues

Beverly Watkins
Lingua: Inglese

If the sky is hazy and the sandstorms drive you crazy
And you can't keep a shine on your shoes, I've got bad news
It sounds like the Baghdad Blues

If the day's a scorcher, your job is really torture,
Your colonel's on the evening news, it's time to lose
Those bad old Baghdad Blues

You volunteered for a couple of years, of that you're fairly certain
Now you find you're serving overtime for United States of Halliburton

If Condi Rice asks you to thank the guys who named their oil tanker
S.S. Rice and you refuse, well kudos to you
For singing those Baghdad Blues

Sunday it's democracy, Monday it's hypocrisy,
Tuesday all hell breaks loose among Rumsfeld's crew,
Blame it on the Baghdad Blues

If you're daily toil in the war that's not for oil
Leaves you bitter with a too short fuse, you start blaming the Jews,
You're full of those Baghdad Blues

You might have the flair of a Tony Blair or go bowling with Colin Powell
But if that SUV is filled with TNT, the dogs of war gonna howl

If Dubya's instructions to find arms of mass destruction
Leave you lost without a clue, then win or lose,
You found those Baghdad Blues

I'd like to note, you still can vote for fools of either party,
But with wool on our eyes and ears full of lies,
we could use a prez whose pants are smarty

If you thought votes for Kerry would make all Iraqis merry,
You'd better check the senator's views, 'cause I saw the news,
And John's got the Baghdad Blues

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