The Factory Girl

Language: English

As I went a-walking one fine summer's morning
The birds in the bushes so sweetly did sing.
The lads and the lasses together were sporting,
Going down to yon factory their work to begin.

I spied one among them was fairer than any,
Her skin like the lily that grows in the dell
Her cheeks like the red rose that grows in yon valley,
And she's my one only hard working sweet factory girl.

I stepped up unto her, it was for to view her,
When on me she cast a proud look of disdain.
“Stand off me, stand off me, and do not insult me.”
For although I'm a poor girl I think it no shame.”

“I don't mean to harm you no yet, love, to scorn you.
But grant me one favour, pray where do you dwell?”
“I am a poor orphan without home or relations,
And besides I'm a hard-working factory girl.”

“I have land, I have houses adorned with ivy,
I have gold in my pocket and silver as well.
And if you'll go with me, a lady I'll make you
So try and say yes, my dear factory girl.”

“Now love and sensation rules many a nation,
to many a lady perhaps you'll do well.
My friends and my comrades would all frown upon it
For I m only a hard-working factory girl.”

It's true I did love her but now she won't have me
And all for her sake I must wander awhile
Over high hills and valleys where no one shall know me
Far away from the sound of the sweet factory bell.

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