Kumar Gautan: An Open Letter From Aruna Shanbaug

Language: English

Please help me, I want to die…
And I want to die with dignity.

You can’t even estimate my pain…
Come, feel me else visualize.
I am all left in bone and skeleton.
The way vegetables lie in your kitchen
Why you want me to keep alive,
When you throw away vegetables stale and dry.
Please help me, I want to die…

I don’t believe in miracles… I really don’t believe in miracles.
In last 36 years, have not seen one
What I am going through is torture,
And I have no God to rely.
My peers are my God.
Have mercy on them…they want to see me die.
Please help me, I want to die…

They say soul never dies… They say soul never dies
But I have seen it cry
Have felt it struggling to liberate
Heaven, hell…anywhere please let it fly
I have my right to life
Why can’t I choose when to die?

Please help me, I want to die…

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