The Pressers

Lingua: Scozzese

There is nocht in this wide world but sorrow and care
I weary on Johnnie, but Johnnie's no there
Sae waesome and dowie, I feel like tae dee
Since the pressers hae stolen my laddie fae me

I look aroond the steading, but Johnnie's nae there
At toil in the hairst field, my hert it feels sair
When I look tae yon high hills, a tear blinds my e'e
Since the pressers hae stolen my laddie fae me

For he's far ower yon high hills and syne ower the sea
I ken nowhere my ain dear laddie micht be
In some foreign battlefield maybe he'll dee
Oh, curse on ye, Boney, took my laddie fae me

Now the bonnie larks singing mocks me in my care
But I'll go on still hoping till grey grows my hair
Oh, ye wild winds a blowing far ower the sea
Will ye blow back my bonnie lad Johnnie tae me

nocht - nothing
waesome - woeful
dowie - mournful
dee - die
fae - from
hairst - harvest
hert - heart
sair - sore
blin's my e'e - blinds my eye
syne - then
ken - know
ain - own
micht - might

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