David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

A boy went to visit his father out of town 
Where he had moved, to an upscale neighborhood
 It rains a lot in Florida, and it was raining on that night 
But everybody says exercise is good
 He went out for a walk to the convenience store 
To go out and bring some candy back
 But some people leave and they never come home 
And that night it was all a one-way track 

For the Neighborhood Watchman was driving his car 
On a rainy night looking for
 A young man who might have a part to play 
In his personal race war 
And what if this trolling vigilante 
Sowing terror on racist whim 
What if when he found this teenage boy 
He instead had found a man more like him 

What if things were different 
Where would he be bound 
What if Trayvon had stood his ground

 When Zimmerman approached in an unmarked vehicle 
When the high school student ran 
What if instead he had stood there in the rain 
With his Skittles and his Arizona can 
What if trying to avoid a conflict with this cracker 
Who was evidently messed up in the head 
Trayvon had said I feel like my life's in danger 
And he had shot this vigilante dead 

Would this hooded youth be gingerly arrested 
Treated for his wounds and then let free
 Would he be hailed as a hero by the NRA 
By Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity 
Would he be found not guilty by any jury in this country 
Would he be allowed to keep his gun 
Or would he be sitting in a prison cell,
watching pundits on the TV saying 
That kid really should've run

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