A Song for Alan Turing

Stephen J Pride
Language: English

Manchester, southern England
June seventh nineteen fifty four
He took a bite from a poison apple
They found him dead on the bedroom floor
So died a quiet hero
A saviour of his country in second world war
Then came the Cold war and persecution
I guess he couldn't take it anymore
Alan Turing a man of vision
A revolutionary mind
He turned the key that opened the door
To the world of computing we still explore
A world that no-one have seen before
A gift to all of mankind
A spirit running free
Hides the wounds that we don't see
A spirit soaring high
Seeks the truth we can't deny
Alan Turing a victim
Of homophobia and post-war fears
A time of East-West paranoia
He was just another of those queers
Gradually intolerance abated
Finally his work appreciated
Eventually a statue created
Thought we waited too many years
When you are at your computer today
Black or white
Straight or gay
Remember the man that showed us the way
Alan Mathison Turing

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