Thoughts about Sacco and Vanzetti

Deborah Kooperman
Lingua: Inglese

You must be proud when you say
that a long you have been wrong
You are please now to admit
that you made a mistake
But it's fifty years too late
That they're gone
You have always so afraid of people
who are different than you
They were the ones who helped you
you build your brave new world
Although they spoke another time
They worked for you, and you and you
They were two simple men
accused of a crime they did'nt do
But they paid just the same
Two lives don't mean too much to men like you

It's so easy to say that you were didn't born
when they executed Sacco and Vanzetti on that day
But you are guilty just the same
Now that they're gone
You had the power in your hands to make them free
But you had to show the world that you're never wrong
And you let them die
Maybe things will never change
And you'll keep on doing wrong
But if only you would learn,
their deaths won't be in vain
And people will stop diying because of you.

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