Free Belfast

Owen McDonagh
Lingua: Italiano

Here's a song that's going round
About events in Belfast town,
The toast of all the famous music halls,
On that well-known thoroughfare
A republic was declared,
When the barricades went up along the Falls.

Now the people's police, it's true
Are patrolling two by two,
The finest bunch of boys you'll ever meet,
From each radio there blasts
Out the news to free Belfast,
There's a customs post at the top of Leeson Street.

From a secret hideaway
You can hear the music play
And news delivered daily on the hour,
For the boys in Albert Street,
Here's a record soft and sweet,
And wee Rosie also sends this to her Flower.

There's a céili every night
Beneath the moon's broad light,
Where the vigilantes can relax at last,
As the fiddles pump and play
People dance their cares away
Behind the barricades in Free Belfast.

Now the people they have shown
They can run things on their own,
The streets are swept and crime is dying fast,
All for one, and one for all
Is the democratic call
Behind the barricades in free Belfast.

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