Immigrant Eyes

Guy Clark
Lingua: Inglese

Oh Ellis Island was swarming
 Like a scene from a costume hall
 Decked out in the colors in Europe
 And on fire with the hope of it all 

There stood my father's own father stood huddled
 With the tired and hungry and scared 
Turn of the century pilgrims
 Bound by the dream that they shared 

They were standing in lines just like cattle 
Poked and prodded and shoved 
Some were one desk away from sweet freedom
 Some were were torn from someone they love

 Through this sprawling tower of babel 
Came a young man confused and alone
 Determined and bound for America 
And carryin' everything that he owned 

Sometimes when I look in my grandfather's Immigrant Eyes
 I see that day reflected and I can't hold my feelings inside
 I see starting with nothing and working hard all of his life
 So don't take it for granted say grandfather's Immigrant Eyes 

Now he rocks and stares out the window 
But his eyes are still just as clear
 As the day he sailed through the harbor 
And come ashore on the island of tears 

My grandfather's days are numbered
 But I won' t let his memory die 
'Cause he gave me the gift of this country 
And the look in his Immigrant Eyes

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