Poverty Knock

Roy Bailey
Lingua: Inglese

Up in the morning at five, it's a wonder that we stay alive
It sets me yawning to great the cold dawning
And back to the old, dreary drive

[Chorus after every other verse]
Poverty poverty knock, my loom it is saying all day
Poverty poverty knock, Gaffer's too skinny to pay
Poverty poverty knock, always one eye on the clock
I know I can guttle when I hear me shuttle go
Poverty poverty knock

Oh dear, I'm going to be late, Gaffer is standing at gate
With his hands in his pockets our wages he'll dock us
We'll have to buy grub on the slate

We have to wet our own yarn by dipping it in yonder tarn
It's cold and it's soggy, it makes me feel
And there's rats in that dirty old barn.‎

Sometimes a shuttle flies out and gives some poor woman a clout
She lies there bleeding while nobody's heading
Who's going to carry her out?

The tuner should tackle my loom, but he just sits there on his bum
He's always busy a-courting our Lizzie
And I just can't get him to come

And Lizzie's so easily led, I reckon he takes her to bed
She used to be skinny, now look at her pinny
It's just about time they were wed

Oh my poor head how it sings, I should have woven three strings
The threads they keep breaking, my poor heart is aching
Oh God, how I wish I had wings.‎

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