Gary Lucas
Lingua: Inglese

O the streets of Jedwabne were silent and cold‎
The wind whistled lonely those stories of old
How the Jews of the town
Were slaughtered and sold
O Jedwabne your past lies in ruins
O Jedwabne what future for you
The spires of the city still ring with the crying
The voices of children still can be heard
Take heed of our past it lies waiting ‎
From deep in the earth here our cries
Take heed of our fate it’s before you
The blood of the innocent now streams in the skies

O the streets of Jedwabne were covered with snow
Nowhere to hide and nowhere to go‎
When neighbor killed neighbor
And friend became foe
O Jedwabne your ghosts are all flying
O Jedwabne your city’s laid bare
The earth now gives up all its hideous secrets
The wreath that we laid can’t stifle your shame
Take heed of our past it confronts you
From now and forever who gains?‎
Watch out for the future in front of you
When only the bones and the stones still remain

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