Brother Is Gone

Ry Cooder
Lingua: Inglese

We met old Satan down where the two roads cross.
Just me and Brother Davy by my side.
It was in the prairie town of Wichita.
We shook hands with Satan on the deal that night.‎

You will be exalted in the evil works of men,
High power rollin' over land and sea.
But some dark night I'll be coming 'round again,
And take one of you down back to hell with me.‎

Oil spills and cancer towns was our stepping stones.
Immigration bills and foreclosure homes.
States' rights we proclaimed like in the good old Jim Crow days
Our highest aim was to take your vote away.‎

Now brother is gone, brother is gone.
Brother is gone, little brother is gone, brother is gone.
When I woke up this morning he was gone.‎

His bed was made, and there's his Bible too.
I wonder did he have time to put on his travelin' shoes?
Brother is gone, brother is gone, little brother is gone.‎

Brother is gone, he's gone, brother is gone.
Old Satan, he's a man of his word.‎

Oh brother is gone.‎

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