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Kickstart fighter launch throttle set to full
Speed king race to win afterburners roaring
Ghostlike counterstrike takes them by surprise
Score 307 Israelis rule the Heaven

Jordan attacks Israel crush that
Futile attempt
Control Jerusalem…

Drive back surprise attack Take the western wall
Next day make them pay Over river Jordan
Syria last in line Head for Golan heights
Strike without a warning See the Syria forces falling

Syria attacks Israel crushed
Their lines of defence
Ruling Golan heights

6 days of fire 1 day of rest
June ' 67 taught them respect
Control Jerusalem...

Three nations fallen in Six Days of war
Traitorous neighbours
Received as deserved
Under the sun in the dust of the war
1 nation standing stronger than before

First into Egypt and
Sent them to hell
Then turned their forces to Jordan
Climb up the mountains
Where Syria awaits
Break them in hours
Protect Holy Land !

Six days of fire one day of rest
June ' 67 taught them respect
Control Jerusalem!...

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