Ballad of Vic Williams

Robb Johnson
Language: English

Not for me
One two three four
Not for me not anymore ‎

Me name is Vic Williams, I was a soldier to the Queen
I joined up to defend me country in me teens
Not to do whatever they tell you, wherever they draw the line
For the ruling class in Ulster or the capital on the Rhine ‎

They tell you it's a good career, they tell you it's a laugh
They tell you that a pint of beer is cheaper here by half
But not so cheap as soldiers' lives - you find that out too late
When it's off you go for Texaco - gung-ho in Kuwait ‎

They wound us up with racism to get us in the mood
For a spot of collateral damage over the price of a barrel of crude
They talk about legality but they never told me me rights
I couldn't stick their hypocrisy so I swore I wouldn't fight ‎

They sent us down the PX to get some desert kit
For ours was in the desert with Iraquis wearing it
You couldn't hear 'Give Peace a Chance' for Bishops giving thanks
And most of the Brits that never came back got blown to bits by Yanks ‎

They charged me with desertion but I never ran away
The officers gave me orders that me conscience couldn't obey
So I stood up, I spoke out and when the war was done
I went back to Woolwich Barracks 'cos' I wouldn't live on the run ‎

Me name is Vic Williams, I was a soldier to the Queen
But I didn't know the half of it when I was in my teens
The enemy ain't the other side wherever they draw the line
The enemy is the ruling class who draw the bloody line ‎

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