Ry Cooder
Lingua: Inglese

I left my home in Tamaulipas
in Sonoyta i came across
there was but six of us when we started
walking behind the coyote boss

(man's name was Javier, he didn't look right to me.
said 'keep on walking get your coke jug')

an old man said please let me go along with you
yes I'm old but I'm mighty tough
I know the road and maybe I can help you
I got good shoes I won't hold you up

First night we stopped and rested
next morning our guide was gone
the Sinaloa boy was for retreating
the old man said, the mountain's on the right we can't go wrong

but somewhere up on Tenahas Altas, he stumbled and then he fell
he begged and he pleaded but we had to leave him
lyin on Camino Diablo trail

quicksand I think we lost direction
quicksand now we're losin' ground
quicksand nobody round to help us
I think we're sinking down

thought we was getting close to Yuma
I heard it's an unfriendly town
we just need a cool drink of water
even Yuma can't turn a poor boy down
then a Dodge Ram truck drove right down on us
sayin' I'm your vigilante man and I'm here to say your ass just got deported
I'm taking you out just as fast as I can
he said you might be an old typhoid carrier
might be a new drug cartel
suppose you been sent by al kayeda
sure would like to get our hands on Al

Well mister it's 120 degrees back out there
it's just me and the boy, the rest are gone
I think you'd take more pity on rescue pit bull dogs
call us Charles and Bronson from now on

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