King Holyday

King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew
Lingua: Inglese

Once a year we celebrate
Washington and Lincoln on their birthdates.
And now a third name is added to the list,
A man of peace, "Drum Major for justice".
Now every January on the third Monday
We pay homage to the man who paved the way
For Freedom, Justice and Equality
To make the world a better place for you and me.
It's a holiday! It's a gathering!
For the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King!

Dr. King tried to love somebody.
Do you wanna love somebody?
For his sake put your hate away, Take a day...
Take a day to love somebody.
Don't play on the Holiday, work to find a better way.
Everybody love somebody now.
Everybody sing for Martin Luther King.
Let freedom ring for Martin Luther King!

Holiday! Holiday! King Holiday!
Not a day just for some,
It's a dsa for everyone.
He had a dream now it's up to you.
He had a dream now it's up to you.
To see it through, To make it come true!

Who do we thank for teaching us
That we all have the strensth to love?
we thank the Prince of Non-Violence for
showing um the way.

How do we show the children of today
How do live together at one?
We'll sing of a King
And his words will light all of our tomorrows.

Listen children of today,
Don't think love has gone away.
It's in your hearts and minds
How long?
Not long?
New day will shine, if we just take the chance.
His love will glow.
Open up the windows!

Let the hero shine
Every day in your life,
Yours and mine.
Everybody shine.
For the future generation, Dr. King's medication,
For successful operation, is PEACE FOR EVERY NATION!

Sing! Celebrate!
Sing! Sing! Celebrate!
For a King Celebrate!
Sing! Sing! Celebrate!

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