Just a Video Game

Rod MacDonald
Language: English

He walked into the building, aimed his gun straight down the hall
the enemy ducked out of the doorway, he barely had time to shoot them all
it seemed so real he almost came, but it was just a video game

They were lyin' on the floor he stepped up to the closest one
he laughed out loud to watch him die as he reloaded his gun
if it was real he'd be insane, but it was just a video game

In the next booth in the arcade the enemy came over the hill
they were threatening from all sides, he had just an instant for the kill
he made their bodies burst in flame, but it was just a video game

He went home to his house, he locked himself into his room
called up his only friend said are you ready for some doom?
I hate my parents, you know I hate everybody in this town
I'm gonna make myself a statement, I'm gonna take somebody down

He flew the plane over the city looking for industrial sites
hit a hospital by accident, took out the radio tower's blinking lights
he pretended it was Belgrade, but it was just a video game

He's hunted invisible alien warriors by ultraviolet light
assassinated naked cheerleaders from a laser-guided satellite
the only thing he thinks is a shame is that it's just a video game

Now he's a poster boy for gun control and the family values crowd
wants to get him on his knees so youth won't act so proud
you talk about your freedom as if weapons were your wealth
but when are you going to rise above the violence in yourself?

He walked into the building, took a gun out of his coat
by the time the police got there he'd put a bullet through his own throat
he thought he would have fame, but it was just a video game
No, don't tell me his name, it was just a video game
If it was real he'd be insane, but it was just a video game

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