Spare Change

Eval Herz
Language: English

I don't know why
But I just don't have the strength
To stand up -and ask you for some change

I don't know why
With all these people walking by
I just can't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think that I am strange
Maybe just a little deranged
Because I can't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think I just wanna get high
But even that's a lie -and I don't know why
I can't stand up and ask for change.

You might yell: "Hey, get a job!"
Just before you form a lynch mob
So that I can't stand up -and ask for change.

Maybe it's my fate
Giving the gentry some scapegoat to hate
Because I won't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think I'm a terrorist
Maybe cause I'm the scariest
person who's ever hit you up for change.

You know I ain't needy
And I know you ain't greedy
but you might think that I'm from somewhere seedy

I know you've got enough to share
but I won't call it spare or fair
I'll just call it what it is -it is spange.

It is spange

Spare change

We call it spange..

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