Dreadful Memories

Aunt Molly Jackson
Language: English

Dreadful memories! How they linger,
How they pain my precious soul!
Little children, sick and hungry,
Sick and hungry, weak and cold.

Little children, cold and hungry,
Without any food at all to eat;
They had no clothes to put on their bodies,
They had no shoes to put on their feet.

Dreadful memories! How they linger,
How they fill my heart with pain;
Oh, how hard I've tried to forget them,
But I find it all in vain.

I can't forget them, little babies,
With golden hair as soft as silk;
Slowly dying from starvation,
They parents could not give them milk.

l can't forget them coal miners' children
That starved to death for want of milk;
While the coal operators and their wives and their children
Were all dressed in jewels and silk.

Dreadful memories! How they haunt me
As the lonely moments fly;
Oh, how them little babies suffered!
l saw them starve to death and die.

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