I Am a Union Woman

Aunt Molly Jackson
Lingua: Inglese

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La canzone che apre l’album “The Songs and Stories of Aunt Molly Jackson”, Folkways Records, 1961.

“This is perhaps Aunt Molly‘s most famous song. The tune, originally that of a Baptist hymn which Aunt Molly in her most introspective moments could be persuaded to sing, is known to many as that used for a later miners composition, "Which Side Are You On?". Aunt Molly's song has an immediacy that the other song lacks. She said, When I was organizing the miners around Bell and Harlan counties in 19 and 31 I sang this song. I used it in my organizational work; I always sang this song before giving my speech. "
N. M. U. is the National Miners Union.”
(Introduzione alla canzone dal libretto del disco.)
I am a union woman
Just as brave as I can be
I do not like the bosses
And the bosses don't like me.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

I was raised in Old Kentucky
Kentucky borned and bred,
But when I joined the union,
They called me a Rooshian Red.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

When my husband asked the boss for a job
These is the words he said:
“Billy Jackson, I can’t work you, sir,
Your wife’s a Rooshian Red!”

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

This is the worst time on earth
That I have ever saw,
To get killed out by gun thugs
And framed up by the law.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

But are many thousand strong,
And I am glad to say
We are getting stronger
And stronger every day.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

If you want to join a union,
As strong as one can be
Join the dear old N.M.U
And come along with me.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

The bosses ride fine horses
While we walk in the mud,
Their banner is the dollar sign,
Ours is striped with blood.

Join the N.M.U, Join the N.M.U

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