Eugenio Finardi
Language: English

Closing time is hours past
The buses and the trams suspended
Even drunks are off the streets
And call-girls’ phones are disconnected
And they’ve shut the bakeries
They’ve boarded up the printing presses
An they’ve put on silencers
So you will never know how many
Were caught after curfew...

You know roadblocks ring the city’s center
Night patrols are on the highways
Waiting at the exits and
Along the backroads in the country
And they’ve shut the dailies down
They’ve taken over all the networks
And they’ll monitor the news
So you will never know how many
Were caught after the curfew...

Crowded buses will meet the dawn
The same old faces getting on
But look around
You’ll see a few are gone
But don’t you wonder out loud
‘cause you don’t know who could be in that crowd
just waiting for a comment you might make
only listening for a word said by mistake
and tomorrow night they’ll be awake
and they’ll fix it so you’re…

caught after the curfew
caught after the curfew at night...

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