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Lyrics & Music by Evan Herzoff
Album: Disillusioning

"I wrote this song in the days that followed the release of video taken aboard the Freedom Flotilla as the fleet that set off from Turkey attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza undergoing a blockade by Israeli. The video showed Israeli soldiers landing on the Mavi Marmara where they committed a massacre. The song is about a broader context though, and since I'm at least ethnically a Jew, an American Jew in fact, I wrote it from the viewpoint of a Jew in order to break through the barrier created by the myth of our supposed historically continuous abuse and oppression by other peoples. When will Israel ever allow us to be freed from the virtual prison created by this paranoid myth? Just look at how it compels us to behave toward our nearest ancestral relative, the Palestinians, as semitic as we are. We wall them in, starve them, degrade and dehumanize them, use them for target practice, and bomb them regularly from state of the art aircrafts dropping the latest and most heinous of U.S.-produced bombs! It is a war of attrition combined with a twisted, cathartic holocaust, the very mark of shame rightfully stamped on the historical figure everyone knows as Hitler. It is as though we evoked the evil ghosts the 3rd Reich and allowed these ghosts to possess our political bodies. Enough is enough! Shabbat Shalom means the same thing as Selam Alaikum, Halal is the same as Kosher, and Islam is as semitic as Judaism, there is no basis and no reason for hate between "us" and "them" to continue another day!

End the occupation now! FREE PALESTINE!"

Outspoken Arab Israeli MP Haneen Zuabi told a UN human rights inquiry that Israeli commandos had a "licence to kill."
When Israel was in Egypt land he said let my people go
When Israel fled the Babylonians he said let my people go
With Israel's blood on Cossack hands - he said let my people grow
When Israel threatened Stalin's plans -he said where'd my people all go?
Israel locked in German camps, horizons black with smoke
Now treading upon Palestinians, Israel when will you ever let those people go back home?

When Israel blockaded Gazan lands like fish in a barrel they roam
Freedom Flotilla drifting forth with a healing hand out there on the high seas all alone
Israel bows in command jackboot storm troopers descending on the fleet below
Israel when will you ever let your people go?
Israel when will you ever let your people go back home?

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