American Mythology

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Blowback [2010]
American mythology, the story's told
About Squanto and the great feast.
Natives sitting down with European settlers
In celebration of some future of peace
– And it's depressing when you hear the real story
How their diseases spread like wild fire
How they tore the land right out from under their feet
– And made 'em servants of the war-crazed British Empire..

Religious freedom! – Nah that's bullshit
I see genocide when I look into it.
Christians killing savages in the name of God
Invoking their religion to justify their deaths
And I understand there's many types of Christians
There's many types of Muslims -and their many types of Jews
But there's also many ways to exploit and kill people
And there's just as many ways for your faith to be abused..

Oh, it's depressing when you read our history,
Oh, the scars of the past mark the face of today..

So I don't celebrate no holidays with roots in land-theft
I don't salute no flags that stand for hate
I don't bow to any leaders who kill for salvation
And I don't pray to any gods that do the same
With neither the Irgun of Al-Qaida
No Reagan, no Stalin, no Pilgrim, no King
I will walk through this world in peace
Trying to pay my respects to every living thing

Oh, it's still considering all of our history,
Oh, the scars of the past mark the face of today..

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