Sunshine and Shade

Rude Corps
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Lyrics & Music by Neil O'Brien and John Purcell
Yes, it's a beautiful morning - and summer's on its way
Surely nothing can be wrong - on a day like today
'Cos the sun is shining - and everything is in bloom
It's kind of hard to believe - that all of this is doomed
Yes, the sun may be shining - But people still suffer
'Cos they rob and oppress - and distress one another
The war is still raging - Incoming! Take cover!
There'll be no peace until you cease - to exploit your brother..

But how can I think of pain - on a day like today?
You may ask while you bask - in the sun's warm rays
A clear blue sky - won't make the problems go away
'Cos the brighter the sunlight - the deeper the shade..
I've been there before - in that cold dark place
The sunlight hurts your eyes - so you have to hide your face
And that sense of alienation - when all around you there's life
But your limbs are like lead - and you're feeling dead inside

Some say the sun is shining - so you should feel blessed
But it's just a cruel joke - when you're feeling depressed
Like God's mocking you - by smiling when you're in pain
The sky may be clear - but there's a cloud on your brain
Anyway, I'm glad to say that - those days are in the past
Now there's life in my heart - and summer's coming on fast
I can revel in the warmth - and cool off in the grass
Go to the pub for a pint - and sit outside with my glass.

Now I know although it's sunny - the world hasn't really changed
It's only my perceptions - the chemicals in my brain
Capitalism still kills - and the system's still insane
For a few it's always sunny - for the rest it's always rain
So what can I say - for all those people locked away
In the factory and the office - slaving for their weekly wage?
I'm sorry you can't be with us - and feel the sun on your face
'Cos you submitted to the system - and made yourself a wage slave

There's always a choice - and it's yours to make
How do you want to live - - in sunshine or shade?
Yes, there's always a choice - and it's your choice to make
Would you rather live - in sunshine or shade?
'Cos there's nothing man made - that we cannot change:
Social structure, economics – it's all within range
Don't you ever wonder why - the world is so deranged?
The few exploit the many - now don't you find that strange?

The Earth revolves around the sun - we send revolution around the Earth
It's a creative passion - sowing the seeds for rebirth
Every day come rain or shine - We fight the good fight
Breaking out of the darkness - emerging into the light
And no matter what they say - the whole world is ours to share
We'll track down the landlords - hunt them down to their lair
Pick off the parasites - and hang 'em high in the air
Might sound a little savage - but they don't play fair.

No they smother us with laws - and drown us in debt
They jail and execute - those who fight for self-respect.
Sacco and Vanzetti, Mumia Abu-Jamal
Baghdad, the Niger Delta - and the Panama Canal
All drenched in blood - yet bathed in sunlight
Don't let that blind your eyes - to the greatest crimes of our time
'Cos despite how it looks - nothing's really okay
There's so much wrong - in the world today..

Freedom is fading - and crime's the only thing that pays
And I'm labelled an extremist if I try to change your ways
Now why not face the facts - Why avert your gaze
From the rape of human rights - carried out in your name?
Will you hide behind ignorance - or take your share of the blame?
This shit happens because we let it - Our apathy is a shame
We let other's make our choice - The result is always the same
Now will you stand up and be counted - and put an end to their game?

'Cos there's always a choice..
And it's yours to make..
What's it to be:
"Sunshine or shade?"

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