Laughter In A Time Of War

Language: English

Sometimes feels like singing your life away
F sharp minor up and down the motorway
Too dog-tired; wouldn't want it any other way
Laughter in a time of War

Love on a Monday, football on a Saturday
Home-grown strawberries to justify the rain
Sometimes I do, but I shouldn't complain
Laughter in a time of War

Oh my soul
We got oil for the pan
We got rock n roll
Laughter lines run deeper than skin
And the world's just
Something that the cat brought in

Late summer evening after the attack
Food from the aeroplanes wrapped up in a flag
He went for the money but he won't come back
Laughter in a time of War

Take my life and sing it back to me
My big mouth, it's my own worst enemy
Funny how it all sounds better in harmony
Laughter in a time of War

Oh my soul
Oh my soul
Oh my soul
The people at the top have further to fall

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