America (Just Say No)

Alien Stash Tin
Lingua: Inglese

There's a B52, coming into view.
Uncle Sam has come to say hello.
If he don't like your face,
Or thinks your religions out of place,
You'd better watch out if your living below..
If you want to eat there's Mac D's on every street
And a KFC in every town,
If it gets beyond a joke and you feel the need to choke,
He'll sell you coke to help keep it down.

So gather 'round for a happy meal
Coke-a-cola, cluster bombs and Ally McBeal
Uncle Sam's here to say hello
America – Just say no.

In the morning still, take a walk up any hill
And watch them raise the stars and stripes
Because darling uncle Sam, is a military man
Who understands that might is right
Now tell me what you see every night on your TV
Live from the old U S of A
It's good old uncle Sam, and his live from Disneyland
Exporting the American way.

So gather round and join the deal
Coke-a-cola, cluster bombs and Ally McBeal
Uncle Sam's here to run the show
America – Just say no.

Here come the yanks, in their battle tanks
They're popping by to kill some kids
'Cos deep beneath your soil, the uncle's smelt some oil
And it's gone and made him flip his lid.
So is this the final score, another mindless war,
And the people they can't fight they buy?
Shall we watch the uncle gloat as he tells us how to vote
Whilst his bombers circle up in the sky

And we stand in line for our happy meals
Coke-a-cola, cluster bombs and Ally Mc Beal
Uncle Sam's here to rule the show
America – We say no.

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