Laulan lastani levolle

Tarujen Saari
Language: Finnish

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Parole e musica di Kaisa Saari
Sanat ja musiikki: Kaisa Saari
Lyrics and music: Kaisa Saari
Dall'album "Sota kirottu!" ("Maledetta guerra!")
From the album "Sota kirottu!" ("Cursed be the war!")

Minä laulan lastani levolle
pyörät puiset kuulen ma tiellä
istuu ruuhessa valmiina soutaja,
mahtuu vierelleen sielu vielä

Kumpaa noutamaan tulit, mies mustainen?
Aika minunko vai pilttini pienen?
Jos lapseni viet, kuolen kuitenkin,
tilaa venhossa mullekin lienee?

Jos minut viet, kukahan lapsen saa,
kun ei isääkään elossa hällä?
Kuka hoivaa, liekuttaa lapsosta
pelon, taistojen keskellä täällä?

Vaikka yhtä viet, kaksi saat sielua
Ei tilaa ruuhessa kahdelle riitä
Jäisi rannalle sielu puhtoinen,
siitä Tuonen herra ei kiitä!

Mene sinne, mistä sitten tulitkin!
Etsi sielu, joka lähtisi yksin!
Me uutta kyytiä varromme
ja lähdemme matkaan sylityksin.

Minä laulan lastani levolle,
Laulan hiljaa ja rauhaisasti
Sillä tanner yltää jo kotiimme,
kalske kuuluu kehtohon asti...

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/12/1 - 19:05

Language: English

Versione inglese / English translation

La seguente versione inglese è stata fornita al nostro sito dall'autrice della canzone, Kaisa Saari. La ringraziamo di cuore per la gentilezza e per la considerazione.

The following English translation has been provided by the author herself, Kaisa Saari. We thank her heartily for her kindness and deepest regard. (RV)

I’m singing my baby a lullaby
I´m humming gently and peacefully to her
Because hell is thundering above us
The sound of swords is filling her cradle.

The messenger of doom is on his way
I hear the wooden carriage wheels klonking
The Doom rivers ferryman is ready to say:
“ There´s one more place just for thee waiting!”

Which one of us would you take, you evil man?
Is it my time or will you take my babychild?
If it´s her you take, you will murder me too
- is there room enough in thy boat for two?

If it´s me you take, who´ll get this child so fine
She´s got no father alive in this horror
Who shall be humming soft lullabies
in the middle of fighting and sorrow?

For one soul you ask, but you would get two of them
Thy boat gets too full – you know it and I know too
You cannot leave behind the child´s pure soul
Thy commander won´t thank thee if that you do.
(Won´t thank thee, won´t thank thee…)

Go away to the dark place you´re coming from!
Find a single soul to fill up thy bloody boat!
We shall leave together and follow your scythe,
but take mother and child at the same time!

I´m singing my baby a lullaby
I´m humming gently and quietly to her
Because the canons are thundering above us
The clash of arms is surrounding her cradle.

Contributed by Kaisa Saari and Riccardo Venturi - 2005/12/2 - 14:11

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