Sam the Alligator

Jim Hinde
Lingua: Inglese

Well there's a story I heard and I'm telling it to you,
About Joe and Maggie, living on the Bayou.
Joe came home after working one day,
In time to find his baby boy carried away.
Joe said, "Maggie, something terrible's been done.
Sam the Alligator's went and eaten our son".
Maggie said, "Joe, we'll make love tonight
And you'll have another baby boy to make it all right".
As certain as the seasons are gonna come and go,
Maggie birthed a son, just like she'd promised Joe.
But one afternoon Joe was fishing off the pier
When up lunged Sam and grabbed his baby dear.
Joe said, "Maggie, I've lost our new son
Sam the Alligator's scored another one".
Maggie said, "Joe, we'll make love tonight
And you'll have another baby boy to make it all right.
But Joe said, "Working all day and making love all night
Just to feed Sam the Alligator, don't seem right.
Keep feeding Sam your sweetheart dears
And all you're gonna have is 'crocodile tears'".

So they moved to the city and started up again.
This time Maggie went and gave Joe twins.
Joe was so happy that he damn near cried,
And he loved those boys until the day that he died.
Joe said, "Maggie, my death wish of you
Is 'never take my boys near the old Bayou.'"
Maggie said, "Joe, as sure as night and day,
Ain't no alligator gonna take our sons away. Because...

Now if the story ended there, that would be fine,
But those two boys grew up and had to "walk the line."
One went to college, and the other, Viet Nam,
And he got gobbled up by that "gator" Uncle Sam.
The General said, "Maggie, we're sorry 'bout your son
But the war's still raging...Could we have the other one?"
Maggie said, "General, here's exactly what you do...
Take your own sons 'fishing' on your old Bayou."

So the lesson of the story I'm trying to share with you is
"There's a mess of alligators in a bunch of different bayous."
When the 'War-Lord' politicians tell your sons to go,
You can always stand up and just say, "NO!"
When the cynics tell you, "You'll never change a thing,"
Try to find a reason in the words that I sing.

When you agree with the message of the song,
I'd kindly appreciate it if you'd sing along.

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