Story of Today

Farid Ali
Lingua: Inglese

Listen to this story,
you absent-minded, and for listening to,
for understanding whet I say,
pay attention end don't sleep.

Everywhere French moves on
he leaves bloody tracks.
Nobody is spared,
even old people are stroken.
He has sacked the trees full of fruits,
he has poisoned the water of rivers.

Everywhere French moves on
bullets hole the walls,
cerels are spoiled with fire,
people Jacks even acorns.
As far as profaned honour
words aren't enough to describe.

From a generation to the following one
the message will be handed down
not to forget
how people was hard-pressed;
every village has every day a new dead,
poor child who cries without understanding
the stiffness of mother's body.

Everywhere French moves on
burnt earth is left,
cattle is attacked,
dies chared,
so also swaddling clothes
around newborn children burnt.

No grave opens
only common grave
will receive dead men.

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