Rachel Corrie

Lorcan Otway
Language: English

I wish I could look into your hardened eyes,
who drove that tractor as young Rachel dies
Have you lost all your love, could you possibly see
You've become like the monsters of your sad history

Is there love in your tractor, of fifty two tons
is hope and desire in your tanks or your guns
is there the light of kindness in your bullets of lead
do these things feel remorse for the innocent dead

If she could be with us, Rachel Corrie would say
sing another one's story, not mine if you may
Sing a song about Ali, who was only eight
when a tank driver's hatred sealed Ali's sad fate

Sing a song of a mother, expecting new life,
who grew up in hopelessness, terror and strife
Young Nuha who died when her home was struck down
by an Israeli army tractor in her Gaza Strip town

But Rachel forgive me, if I sing of your love
how you cared for the ones few ever think of
perhaps some who can't feel a strangers cold pain
by your murder may understand Israel's shame

I wish I could find a few gentle lines
to plant in your hearts some sheltering vines
I wish I could bring you some small bit of love
As a gift to remember Olympia's dove

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