Seasons of Murder

Lorcan Otway
Lingua: Inglese

Where is Simon the Cobbler? And Miriam with the auburn curls
and Miska the Gypsy fiddler, and his two sweet little girls?
For the snow is falling in Auschwitz town on an August night this year
With the ashes of the innocent, who can spare a precious tear

Where are Susan and Kevin, who worked hard and loved their lives,
and hundreds of New York firemen, who left behind children and wives?
For the snow is falling in New York town, on a warm September day
And the tears of many a nation will not wash these ashes away

Tom Hurndall and Brian Avery, why did you face the gun
and Rachel Corrie why did you give you life 'neath the west bank sun?
For its raining on the parched desert soil, its been raining there for years
Watering the olive trees, with innocent blood and our tears

What brought the thunder and fire, to this Iraqi market place?
And so many women and children, with horror etched on their face.
The sun burns down in Baghdad town, in the spring time of the year,
While America rains cluster bombs, to water the desert with fear.

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