Duct And Cover (A Catacalypso)

Mark Levy
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Mark Levy
Testo e musica di Mark Levy

From / Da:
I heard on the news that we're on high alert
for more terror attacks, my TV did blurt.
But, not to worry, the cure has been found.
If you follow directions, you'll be safe and sound.

Chorus: (spoken: All you have to do is:)
Duct tape all your windows and doors.
Duct tape all your walls and your floors.
Put a little plastic on your window sill
and the duct tape'll keep ya' from bein' killed.

In the 50's it was desks, in the eighties it was dirt.
They said, dig a little hole so you won't get hurt.
It's a brave new world in the new millenium
with high tech solutions, just see how far we've come.

Chorus: (With duct tape...etc.)

Buyin' duct tape is clever, so maybe we should--
there may be some places it could do some good.
Those right wing fanatics makin' world war three
are already gray and sticky, you see.

(spoken: So they shouldn't mind if we)
Duct tape Mr. Rumsfeld's rump.
Duct tape Mr. Cheney's pump.
Duct tape Mr. Bush's tush
and give all those loonies a gentle push.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 19/8/2005 - 21:11

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