Unfinished Revolution

Christy Moore
Lingua: Inglese

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Albm "Unfinished Revolution"
Scritta da Peter Cadle
From the health centre porch she looks to the North
Where Nicaragua's enemies hide
Polio crippled and maimed before things were changed
Slowly they're turning the tide
In the twilight she stands, with a rifle in hand
And a memory of what used to be
Now she's part of the unfinished revolution

Feudal landlords they've known seen overthrown
Afghanistan comes into view
Learning to read and to write is part of the fight
But for her it's something that's new
Down all of the years ashamed of her tears
Imprisoned behind a black veil
Now she's part of the unfinished revolution

Soldiers kicked down the door, called her a whore
While he lingered in Castlereagh
Internment tore them apart, brought her to the heart
of resistance in Belfast today
Her struggle is long, it's hard to be strong
She's determined deep down inside
To be part of the unfinished revolution.

She holds the key to the unfinished revolution.

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